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Your Limestone and Sandstone Are in for a Treat This Year

Make having the best backyard in your neighbourhood a priority this summer and book a cleaning today. It’s ‘drinks on the patio’ season and we’re as ready as your are, which is why The Marble Clinic will now be offering a deep cleaning service for your limestone and sandstone this year. Continuing with tradition, our award-winning team is […]

7 Marbleous Gift Ideas

We’ve compiled a list of chic gift ideas design-savvy minimalists are sure to love. Perfect for bringing a timeless elegance to their home or office, discover the best marble inspired accessories inspired by stylish monochromic designs. If you’re looking for a sure way to impress without breaking the bank, these ideas are just what you’re looking for as the perfect gift for any occasions.

Discover How Marble Can Transform Your Home Decor

Whether achieved through small accessories or large-scale renovations, the refined characteristic of marble has the ability to transform your entire home. Below are a few examples to demonstrate the creative handling of marble in upscale residences, giving each space a classic, modern and unique finish.

Thinking stone floors are too cold for your house this winter? Think again!

  Stone tiles, no matter what type, in any room, is a beautiful touch and brings class to your home. While there are many advantages of natural stone, some may be concerned with its inclination to be slightly chilly, particularly in the winter months. There are ways to keep your stone tiles toasty warm. Natural […]

Our Stone Restoration Services

Broadly speaking, restoration of natural stone is the reconditioning of worn stone to the state in which it was installed, or in some cases altering the stones original finish to reach the owners desired appearance. As professionals specialized in the protection, restoration, repair, and maintenance of natural stone, we provide a variety of services to […]