How to Remove a Coffee Stain from a Marble Surface using Poultice

Marble Stain Removal Once you have determined whether you are in fact faced with a marble stain, rather than etched marble (click here for to learn the difference) you will need to place a poultice compound to remove the marble stain. Poultice is a very absorbent medium with a wet clay-like consistency. The material attempts […]

5 Bad Habbits That Can Damage Your Marble Floor

Don’t Damage Your Marble Floor Stone floors add style and elegance to your home, but proper stone floor maintenance is essential for ensuring longevity. Etching, stains, scrapes and scratches are all avoidable if you take extra care to make sure that your floor is protected from house guests, pets and the elements. Here’s a list […]

What Is Slate and Why Should I Get it Installed?

What is slate? Slate is a type of rock formed by soft materials accumulating on the ground, or under water, and being pressed together over time. This new rock is then placed under great pressure, either underground or through volcanic activity, forming slate. This two-step process gives slate its unique appearance. Due to the high […]

Marble vs Granite: The Basics

Marble or Granite for my house? Marble and Granite are two of Mother Earth’s most beautiful rock formations. They’ve been used decoratively and functionally for thousands of years. Although they are formed by different geologic processes, they are both noted for their colours and patterns, which vary according to the minerals and sediments that were […]

Re-Thinking Limestone

Limestone is very delicate Although limestone is beautiful and would look nice in many places around the house, it’s not always a good choice for a couple of reasons. 1. Porosity: As a porous stone, limestone soaks up water and other liquids. If unsealed – over time – the stone becomes stained and discoloured from […]

Marble Stain and Etching – Identification and Removal

Identify: a stain or etch It is important to first identify whether your marble is stained or etched. First, let’s compare staining vs. etching. Quite simply, if the affected area is darker than the natural stone’s colour, you have a stain. Alternatively, if the affected area is lighter than the natural stone’s colour, you have […]

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of marble, quartz, granite, or glass chips bended in concrete or epoxy resin. It is cured, ground and polished to smooth finish. Terrazzo flooring can be refinished repeated for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Even century-old terrazzo floors can be refinished to its original lustre with little […]

Stone Care 101

Stone Care 101: Introduction Here is a handy list for the very basic care of all natural stone. For homeowners with marble, granite, limestone or slate, here is a basic list of do’s and don’ts: Clean up food & liquid spills ASAP with absorbent cloth (lift food and blot – never wipe or smear) Never […]

The Onyx Countertop Trend

Beautiful Onyx Counter-Tops Onyx is a natural stone formed from limestone that is disturbed then reformed. It is known for its attractive bands, which are created when the rock is reformed. The most common form of onyx is black onyx, where the patterns are black, white, or a mix. Onyx can be used to dramatic […]

Marble Etching Removal – The Marble Refinishing Kit

So, Your Marble is Etched? Marble looks beautiful just about everywhere you put it. Unfortunately, after some wear and tear the stones pours qualities leads to etching, water-marks, scratches, stains and dullness. True that professional refinishing of damaged surfaces is a cheaper solution to replacement – but what about those small scratches and stains you […]