Your Limestone and Sandstone Are in for a Treat This Year

Make having the best backyard in your neighbourhood a priority this summer and book a cleaning today. It’s ‘drinks on the patio’ season and we’re as ready as your are, which is why The Marble Clinic will now be offering a deep cleaning service for your limestone and sandstone this year. Continuing with tradition, our award-winning team is […]

Our Stone Restoration Services

Broadly speaking, restoration of natural stone is the reconditioning of worn stone to the state in which it was installed, or in some cases altering the stones original finish to reach the owners desired appearance. As professionals specialized in the protection, restoration, repair, and maintenance of natural stone, we provide a variety of services to […]

Sealing: DIY or Call in a Pro?

Is sealing your stone floor a job you can do yourself, or should you hire a qualified professional to do it for you? Take into consideration the following pros and cons before making your decision.   A do it yourself job will allow you to save on labor costs. However, you must consider the size […]

How Planned Maintenance can Prolong the Life of Your Stone

In previous posts we’ve talked about choosing the right Natural Stone for various applications. We also covered what can be done in house, on a daily basis to ensure the stone surfaces chosen stay looking great for a long time to come. In both residential and especially commercial applications it is vital to have the […]

Natural Stone: Do’s and Don’ts Guide

So you want some tips on how to keep your stone looking just as beautiful as when it was first installed? Natural stones may have a delicate chemical composition that could potentially interact in “strange” and damaging ways with any cleaning solutions that were not specifically formulated for the task. Once you know what to […]

How to Remove a Coffee Stain from a Marble Surface using Poultice

Marble Stain Removal Once you have determined whether you are in fact faced with a marble stain, rather than etched marble (click here for to learn the difference) you will need to place a poultice compound to remove the marble stain. Poultice is a very absorbent medium with a wet clay-like consistency. The material attempts […]

5 Bad Habbits That Can Damage Your Marble Floor

Don’t Damage Your Marble Floor Stone floors add style and elegance to your home, but proper stone floor maintenance is essential for ensuring longevity. Etching, stains, scrapes and scratches are all avoidable if you take extra care to make sure that your floor is protected from house guests, pets and the elements. Here’s a list […]

Marble Stain and Etching – Identification and Removal

Identify: a stain or etch It is important to first identify whether your marble is stained or etched. First, let’s compare staining vs. etching. Quite simply, if the affected area is darker than the natural stone’s colour, you have a stain. Alternatively, if the affected area is lighter than the natural stone’s colour, you have […]