Thinking stone floors are too cold for your house this winter? Think again!

  Stone tiles, no matter what type, in any room, is a beautiful touch and brings class to your home. While there are many advantages of natural stone, some may be concerned with its inclination to be slightly chilly, particularly in the winter months. There are ways to keep your stone tiles toasty warm. Natural […]

Selecting the Right Stone For You

Proper care and maintenance of stone begins with the right stone selection. To begin it is important to carefully select your fabricator, as they should be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate stone for the environment it will be installed. In 1812 a German mineralogist devised the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, based […]

What Is Slate and Why Should I Get it Installed?

What is slate? Slate is a type of rock formed by soft materials accumulating on the ground, or under water, and being pressed together over time. This new rock is then placed under great pressure, either underground or through volcanic activity, forming slate. This two-step process gives slate its unique appearance. Due to the high […]

Marble vs Granite: The Basics

Marble or Granite for my house? Marble and Granite are two of Mother Earth’s most beautiful rock formations. They’ve been used decoratively and functionally for thousands of years. Although they are formed by different geologic processes, they are both noted for their colours and patterns, which vary according to the minerals and sediments that were […]

Re-Thinking Limestone

Limestone is very delicate Although limestone is beautiful and would look nice in many places around the house, it’s not always a good choice for a couple of reasons. 1. Porosity: As a porous stone, limestone soaks up water and other liquids. If unsealed – over time – the stone becomes stained and discoloured from […]

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of marble, quartz, granite, or glass chips bended in concrete or epoxy resin. It is cured, ground and polished to smooth finish. Terrazzo flooring can be refinished repeated for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Even century-old terrazzo floors can be refinished to its original lustre with little […]

The Onyx Countertop Trend

Beautiful Onyx Counter-Tops Onyx is a natural stone formed from limestone that is disturbed then reformed. It is known for its attractive bands, which are created when the rock is reformed. The most common form of onyx is black onyx, where the patterns are black, white, or a mix. Onyx can be used to dramatic […]

Natural Stone at Home: Polished or Honed?

Decisions, Decisions In the beginning all of your household stone surfaces basically start off the same. Whether it’s granite or marble, after the stone is excavated the slabs are cut and then sent through a grinding, polishing and buffing process to obtain the desired finish on the “face of the stone”. Now it’s your choice: […]