Our Stone Restoration Services

Broadly speaking, restoration of natural stone is the reconditioning of worn stone to the state in which it was installed, or in some cases altering the stones original finish to reach the owners desired appearance.

As professionals specialized in the protection, restoration, repair, and maintenance of natural stone, we provide a variety of services to make your stone come to life.

Here we will break down these stone services in quick and simplified terms:


Grinding – grinding will remove deep scratches and lippage (which is uneven tile edges). This process involves special floor machines, using diamond abrasive pads and water that does not create any dust.


Honing – honing will take away minor scratches and damage from everyday foot traffic. This process is done by machine as well, similar to that of grinding.


Polishing – gives natural stones the sheen you prefer, enhances the tone, and protects the stone from everyday spills and traffic. This process uses the same compounds that are utilized in the fabrication of the stone.


Alter a Finish – your stones finish can be changed. For example, it can be altered between a honed finish to a polished finish, and vice versa. Special techniques can also allow for additional decorative finishes.


Cleaning – removes dirt, stains, bacteria, and waxes that have become embedded in the stone. However, cleaning alone will not remove etch marks and scratches, therefore will not change the physical appearance of the stone.


Sealing – an impregnating sealer can be applied to inhibit staining. Some stones that are more absorbent may require multiple applications of a sealer.


Colour Enhancing – some penetrating sealers can be formulated to enrich the colour of your stone.


Crack and Chip Repair – cracks and chips in natural stone can be filled, using a colour to best match the stone.


Stripping – removes coatings that can block a stones ability to breathe, which could be causing mainly discolouration, and cracks and pops – known as spalling.


Grout Cleaning and Sealing – grout is the perfect hiding space for dirt and debris. Grout can be cleaned to its original purity as best as possible, and then sealed to facilitate easier future maintenance.


To learn more check out our services page, as well as our past blog posts on some of these service topics.

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