Sealing: DIY or Call in a Pro?

Is sealing your stone floor a job you can do yourself, or should you hire a qualified professional to do it for you? Take into consideration the following pros and cons before making your decision.


A do it yourself job will allow you to save on labor costs. However, you must consider the size of the job and how comfortable you feel with doing the project. Are you willing to get on your hands and knees to seal a floor? Are you prepared to apply multiple applications of product to get your desired look if needed?


If you choose to do it yourself, has the floor or surface been completely and thoroughly cleaned? If not, you could potentially seal in dirt and debris. Furthermore, any sealer that is not efficiently removed from the surface of the stone may cause problems, including a haze on the stone that can develop as the sealer dries. Once it has dried on the surface, sealer can be very difficult to remove.


Keep in mind, different sealers perform diversely in different environments and on different stones.

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Hiring a pro might be more costly, however it may end up saving you in the end. Our employees will know which is the best sealer for the job and will use equipment and techniques that allow them to get the job done effectively and admirably.

Take a minute to look at our portfolio for an idea of how your stone could look.


If you think you are up for the task please visit our store to choose the right products for you.

If you would rather hand the job over to the pros, please contact us for a free estimate!