The Lemon Juice and Oil Test

A great test for selecting granite for your kitchen countertops!

Are you looking to select the stone for your kitchen countertops? Well there are two important factors you want to look for: absorbency and acid sensitivity.

When picking granite you do NOT want one that is too absorbent, or one that is mixed with calcite (the main mineral in marble and limestone), as it is too soft.

There’s a simple test that can help you look out for these factors; the lemon juice and oil test.



First, line up the samples of all stones you are considering next to one another and assure they are dust and debris free. Next, pour a few drops of lemon juice and cooking oil on each one of them.


If the stain immediately turns dark where the juice and oil were applied to the stone, than the stone is highly absorbent and is not ideal for a kitchen area.

If the juice and the oil take a little time to get absorbed (roughly 30 seconds or a little more), than the stones absorbency can effectively be controlled by a quality impregnating sealer.

If a sample doe not turn dark or absorb anything within half an hour or longer, than this will be your ideal stone. This may not even require a sealer, however sealing all natural stone is generally recommended for extended lifetime