Thinking stone floors are too cold for your house this winter? Think again!


Stone tiles, no matter what type, in any room, is a beautiful touch and brings class to your home. While there are many advantages of natural stone, some may be concerned with its inclination to be slightly chilly, particularly in the winter months.

There are ways to keep your stone tiles toasty warm. Natural stone is not at all inherently cold but is in fact a fantastic heat transference material, which has the ability to retain heat for long periods of time.

The easy way out might be to place a rug in your commonly used areas, however this takes away from the aesthetics of your stone. You might think of using a radiator, but there is an appreciably more practical option.

In a space such as your kitchen, the most affective floor heating method we recommend is installing electric underfloor heating. This uses conduction, radiation, and convection to achieve indoor climate control. Another form, typically suggested for bathrooms, is hydronic underfloor heating. This essentially uses hot water pipe circulation to warm your floors.






Not only does underfloor heating save you space on radiators or other heating units, but it is also more energy efficient. When it comes to environmental impact, underfloor heating requires between 15-40 % less energy to run than conventional radiators. Underfloor heating is also beneficial because it is positioned under the floor, therefor heats the room from bottom to top; as heat naturally rises, no heat is wasted.

Thinking about the cost? Yes, underfloor heating may have a larger initial expenditure. However, it does repay in the long run with high energy savings.

So whilst natural stone tiling in your home can occasionally demand the need for socks, it is most definitely possible to effectively ensure comfort year round.