Balancing the Art of Your Home

Whether achieved through small accessories or large-scale renovations, the refined characteristic of marble has the ability to transform your entire home. Below are a few examples to demonstrate the creative handling of marble in upscale residences, giving each space a classic, modern and unique finish. 

Marble and Wood

Create a balanced & modern effect

Paired together, marble and wood can create a balanced modern design. Take this bathroom for instance. The wood feature brings a warm element to the layout, while the marble, in healthy combination with white porcelain, provides a cold contrast creating a chic and inviting look. The glass shower divide opens up the design, while the large window helps to lighten up the space.

Where Classic Meets Modern

A marble piece to last for generations

This marble centrepiece acts as not just a coffee table but also a bright and classy element that brings the room together. With proper care this marble accessory can last for not just years, but decades, turning it into a valued keepsake that can span generations. Fitting for multiple designs, consider a marble centre table when renovating your living room.

Unique Wedding Details

Creating Someone’s Perfect “I Do”

With an increase of luxury home owners renting out their space for weddings, this inventive marble addition is the perfect way to bring a luxurious edge to brighten up the ceremony space. Another example of a light marble pattern paired in contrast with dark mahogany wood flooring, this marble aisle is both elegant and modern.

Adding Depth

A minimalistic state of mind

Marble can also be used in small spaces, acting as a focal point in minimalist settings. The one marble wall in this bathroom changes the overall design by adding depth. Paired with dramatic lighting, the effect of the area is enhanced and a cozy atmosphere emerges.

Make sure to check back to discover other creative ways you can incorporate marble into your home design. Have questions about the care and maintenance routine of your current marble? Discover our services or contact us today.


Chasya Dove