In the mood for a renovation this summer? Whether you’re looking for a simple piece to bring more light to your room or you’re ready to add a touch of contemporary features, we have the top 5 design trends that can transform your home overnight and keep you space looking chic for years to come. 

Mirror Coffee Tables

A good transitional piece that can be used in a traditional or modern space lets us know that this trend is definitely here to stay. The mirror surface makes small spaces look larger, allowing for a unique layer of depth. This new design trend complements perfectly with neutral tones, giving your space a brighter and more open feel.

The Interrupted Floor

A new style favourite, this interrupted floor trend can be a tricky one to integrate into your home, but when done right the results are beautiful. This trend works best in large concept spaces and kitchens that open up to other rooms in your home.

Open-Ended Islands

Open-ended islands are a chic, minimalistic way of adding a layer of depth to your kitchen. Line it with magazines, cereal bowls or even a plant to lighten up the space. If you want to make the most of this trend and keep it looking fresh, organization is key.

Image courtesy of House&Home

Indoor Plants

It’s amazing how one plant can transform the aesthetics of your entire room, so it’s about time to bring the great outdoors inside this season. A pop of green with an interesting texture can make a lifeless corner or shelf feel complete. Things to look out for when shopping around for a bit of greenery to add to your home are height and maintenance.

Image courtesy of Elysian Home

Mood Murals

Mood murals are the highlight of the eclectic side of this year’s interior design trends. Not only do they add a layer of depth, these murals can also transport you to a place of tranquility, creating a zen-like atmosphere in your home.

Enjoy your home renovations this season, and don’t forget to schedule your next marble maintenance appointment. 


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