Bring Your Stone Surfaces to Life

The condition of your marble floor speaks volumes to the quality of your establishment. Capture guests from the moment they walk through your door with clean, polished floors. From polishing lobbies to repairing damaged units, you can trust The Marble Clinic to deliver outstanding results every time.

Stone Services

Natural Stone Restoration

Our goal is to make your establishment look like new again. Damage to stone surfaces caused by dirt and debris being tracked in from the outdoors can be renewed. Allow the Marble Clinic to bring that brilliant shine back to your stone. Equipped with our professional materials and technical skill, we put care into our work and promise you amazing results every time.

Polish and Seal

The Marble Clinic is an industry expert in the cleaning and sealing of stone surfaces. Our protection service drastically prolongs the life of all marble, granite and limestone floors. Our professional advice? Seal your surface every three to five years to maintain your newly polished floors’ luxurious finish.

Repairing Chipped and Cracked Surfaces

Using specially formulated epoxy compounds, The Marble Clinic can repair most broken marble pieces. No need to purchase a replacement, with our years of experience we can help to make your marble look new.

Professional Stone Maintenance

The Marble Clinic provides a range of maintenance programs to accommodate our customers with monthly, quarterly, or annual service calls. Our dedication to your stone will increase its longevity, preventing the need (and money) for large restoration projects. Take advantage of our professional services today and schedule a consultation.

Wax Removal

Letting your stone breathe is key to improving its natural ageing process. Waxing the surface of the stone contributes to its discoloration and cloudy finish. By allowing The Marble Clinic to remove this wax and treat the stone, you will be renewing its natural shine.

Give your property the attention it deserves. Call the Marble Clinic today to discover how we can bring out the shine in your natural stone.