Restore Beauty to your natural stone.

Enhance Your Stone’s Natural Shine

At the Marble Clinic, our unmatched reputation for excellence in stone restoration and protection guarantees outstanding results every time. It’s time to bring out the beauty in your natural stone. Book a consultation with us today to find out how.


Natural Stone Restoration


The delicacy of natural stone can lead to damages caused by dirt and debris tracked in from the outdoors. Harsh chemicals and acidic cooking substances may also be harmful to the finish of your stone surface. Allow our skilled experts to help you rediscover the natural beauty hidden within your stone with the proper materials, and technical skills.


Prolong the life of your marble, granite or limestone surfaces with our stone cleaning and sealing protection service. In order to maintain your marble’s quality finish, stone surfaces should be sealed every three to five years.


The Marble Clinic can alter the finish of natural stone surfaces to complement the decor of your room or home. With the option of a high gloss or matte finish, fashioning your home with highly customizable marble is now possible.


Using specially formulated epoxy compounds, The Marble Clinic can repair most broken marble pieces. No need to purchase a replacement, with our years of experience we can help to make your marble look new.


Help tackle dirt and debris found between your tiled floors by professionally cleaning and sealing the grout. This will not only drastically improve the look of your tile, but also help make future routine cleaning more effective.


Natural stone requires the ability to breathe in order to mature accordingly. Waxing the surface prevents this ability by obstructing the stone’s natural passages, often resulting in discolouration and an artificial shine. Allow us to remove the discoloured wax and restore the natural look of your stone.

With over 30 years of experience, The Marble Clinic prides itself on the delivery of quality workmanship and professional services. Our goal is to not only exceed your expectations, but to leave you with a luxurious, long-lasting stone finish, worthy of your home.